New to Blogging

So I never thought that I would ever be addicted to blogging….but I just finished my fourth post and I am addicted!

It all started off with the blog I started a month ago in preparation for my trip to Barcelona, Spain…which is in a week…WHAT?!!

I am interning at a company which specializes in Customer Relations Management and am doing  marketing for them. My job primarily consists of writing blog posts, researching technology news, and discovering or implementing new ways to engage followers on our social media channels. In the past 3 weeks that I have been here, I have learned so much and it has really been exciting bringing my marketing knowledge to fruition through completing my various assignments.

Although I have a fairly good amount of knowledge of social media, I am still fairly new to blogging. When I looked at my stats this morning after I published a blog post to Facebook, I saw I got 46 views from not only the US, but also Alaska, Canada, and Singapore. It really was a great feeling being able to see my reach around the world. At the same time, I could see my potential right on the screen.

So now that I am all excited about blogging, I wanted to reach out to you and see what tips you have for me in terms of expanding and strengthening my follower base as well as my message to people from all over the world!

Have a great Tuesday!



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