Goodbye Summer and Teenage Years

Today is September 1st. Tomorrow is my 20th Birthday. Two days from now is my departure date. Four months ago, my summer started. Five months from now, I will have completed my semester abroad.

At the beginning of every summer, my dad says: “Have the BEST summer ever!” I  was laying in bed this morning thinking about everything I’ve accomplished this summer and must say that this years’ was one of the best.

I kicked off my summer adventures at Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee with my two friends Brianna and Michelle. We drove all the way from Long Island, New York to Manchester in 22 hours…though we should have been there in 13. But let’s be honest…who can resist the Waffle Houses and Cracker Barrels along the freeways. We put car paint on our car windows that said: The Crooze to Bonnaroo and fellow Bonnaroovians were honking at us…so we made friends along the way.


Bonnaroo 2013 Arch Entrance

Bonnaroo lasted 4 days and consisted of no-showering (which was optional), minimal clothing, wanderlust, and fantastic music and people. Freedom.

Some bands that I really enjoyed listening to were: Paul McCartney, Of Monsters and Men, The Lumineers, Wutang Clan, Purity Ring, Boyz Noise, Alt-J, Tom Petty, Macklemore, and of course Jack Johnson! I saw Purity Ring for the second time last week since I liked them so much.

Purity Ring- Odebear

Purity Ring- Odebear

If anything, Bonnaroo was by far one of the coolest experiences I’ve had. I’ve told my friends about Bonnaroo over and over, so they would attest to that statement. I really enjoyed this great cultural experience and it was great exploring new artists and music.

I meant to post this earlier today but had to pack and go to church. I have 13 minutes until my birthday so I have to write this post fast!

Bonnaroo was the highlight of my summer, paired with learning how to surf. What a thrill! The rest of my summer consisted of time spent on Duolingo, the language application, which I highly recommend, while the rest of my time was spent at the beach or working at the Pageant of the Masters Binocular & Blanket Rental booth at night time and my marketing internship during the day (9am-4pm). I was certainly busy and always on the go…and I think that is what made it so great!

As my time as a teenager is wrapping up, I just want to say that I’ve learned a lot this year as a 19 year old and I passionately look forward to the new opportunities that lie ahead with vigor and wanderlust!

Goodbye Summer and Teenage Years!


Taken from the top of Goff Island in Treasure Island, Victoria Beach

Christianne Kinder, 19 years old.


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