40 Million Bottles of Wine on the Wall, 40 million Bottles of Wine!

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This weekend our CIEE program took us on a day trip to Cava and Montserrat. In the slideshow above, you can pictures from our trip to Cava, a vineyard where Spanish and Catalan wine is made. A post about Montserrat is to come later, so stay posted ;)!

So before I explain what all this was about, I must explain how I managed to get there. My dream, the morning of our trip to Cava, told me to get onto a specific subway stop in order to catch the right bus to Cava. When I woke up that morning, I felt 100% confident in where we were going. It was not until halfway on the metro that I realized we did not get on the right stop and were going the wrong direction! At that point, it was 8:45am and we had to catch the bus at exactly 9am. Our program refused to wait even one minute, so Sindhu, my housemate, and I were calling every body asking them to hold the bus for us. Long story short, I was able to navigate Sindhu and another CIEE student we saw along the way to the right place with literally one minute to spare. Now, we were on our way!

Cava was about a 45 minute ride from Barcelona and was in a rural area. We could see vineyards for miles and miles, which seems to never get old even for a Californian who has been to Wine Country and has an expensive wine palette…I may or may not be talking about myself…

Once we arrived behind the gates of Codorniu, we were escorted into a movie theater where we watched an informational video on the Codorniu brand and vineyard. I learned that the maker of Codorniu built his family’s brand through no way other than word of mouth. Now Codorniu is one of the biggest sparkling wine producers in all of Catalonia and Spain!

After the video, we walked through the factory, which had four levels, each representing a stage of wine: fermentation, freezing leftover yeast sediment, rotating the bottles, and adding sugar for taste. The factory was massive! Each walkway lead to another chamber of wine bottles. It makes sense though that this place was gigantic. I mean, if I had 40 million wine bottles in stock, my beach house would not suffice. As we walked more and more, I could not help but thinking how bad it would be to get lost inside the factory but how awesome it would be to have a party in…clearly some mixed up priorities haha.

After the tour, we were released from the chambers of secrets and came back to the main floor where we were greeted with red and white Cava (sparkling wine),  It was delicious and especially refreshing after that long tour.

 Wine is one of my favorite fancy, adult beverages so overall, so  it was pretty great learning the process of how wine is made.


One thought on “40 Million Bottles of Wine on the Wall, 40 million Bottles of Wine!

  1. I am loving following your adventures! Enjoy and savor every minute of your journey! We miss you but are so excited for you! Laura Wolff. Blue Lagoon awaits your arrival with tales to tell!

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