After eating an awesome meal at a greek restaurant, which was followed by a massive scoop of chocolate gelato and of course the inevitable chocolate covered lips, I made my way to the far side of Barcelona. My friend Bria, who I met in my CIEE program, is on the Track & Field team at her school.  Bria is trying to train for her collegiate track season while in Barcelona, so I figured I would do the same since I am also on my school’s varsity track team. After fifteen minutes or so of walking in one direction and hoping for the best, Bria and I finally arrived to the track field.

As a side note, I must say that I enjoy not having a gps or  a working smart phone. Instead of being distracted by texts, emails, or the internet on my iphone, I am focusing on the nice little things I often overlook. It is also refreshing and rewarding knowing that I can find places without technology- solely relying on old school maps.

photo 5 photo 2

Upon arrival we saw people of all ages, ranging from three to sixty. Most of them were wearing red shirts that said CANB, which is the name for the club. Bria and I found the director of the camp and after talking to him, he told us that we could come 3 or 4 days a week to train. Seeing as I haven’t found a gym here yet and I miss practicing on an actual AstroTurf track, I am all for it. Plus, the majority of athletes running around were j-a-c-k-e-d…so that had to stand for something right? Long story short, I am joining the club. I haven’t had superb High Jump coaching in a few years now and the coaches here seem like they know a lot and really care. A few blessings in disguise of this opportunity is that my coach does not speak a lot of English, so I will get to practice my Spanish with him! Also, the metro stop is fifteen minutes away so it’ll be a great warm up and cool down to and from practice. Time to get in the best shape of my life. I CAN do it!


Am I Training for the Spanish Olympic Track Team?

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