Barcelona is our oyster, why go anywhere else?

I wanna go to Paris.

I wanna go to London.

I wanna go to Portugal.

I wanna go to Ireland.

I wanna go to Madrid.

I wanna go to Costa Brava.

Well I wanna go to Barcelona

…you’re reading this thinking: “Isn’t she already in Barcelona though?” That’s exactly it.

There are all these people around me talking about leaving Barcelona, so of course naturally I am interested in leaving too.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am so curious that if given the option to just pick up my stuff and leave, I would take it. No questions asked.

This weekend I have 4 days off of school. Barcelona is having its annual festival- La Merce- which features concerts, fireworks, human towers, food, beer, etc. Check it out here: I was talking to my host family about La Merce and they mentioned that attending two days, Monday and Tuesday, is probably enough since most events held are pretty similar. On Monday and Tuesday though, there are fireworks and human towers.

For the past two hours, I have been sitting at my laptop thinking of how I can use the next two days most effectively.

I could go to Madrid, Andorra, or anywhere for that matter, but it is so difficult to coordinate plans, even with all the different travel-planning websites.

I’ve opted to stay in Barcelona…however, I plan to get lost.

The past few days I’ve been ill and a little homesick. Homesick mostly because I feel like I’ve been all around this city and know it well…so I’m feeling a little bit trapped.

Barcelona is beautiful, don’t get me wrong! I’m not complaining in the slightest, but the air here  in the city is bogged with cigarette smoke, exhaust, and sulfur. I need fresh air, to clear the mind and body, so tomorrow I plan on taking the metro as far as possible and getting off at a random stop.

Also, in writing this, I am realizing that I really haven’t explored Barcelona enough. I’ve been to the beach and the city, but the mountains need to be explored. Plus, they are right by my homestay as well. Why would I go anywhere else in Spain or Europe right now when there is so much left to be discovered here? It’s time to look beyond the surface, It’s time to try to understand the underlying secrets of this city. This is the true meaning of wandering…and I’ve got wanderlust. I’ve got it good.


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