FC Barcelona Game!

On Wednesday I went to Camp Nou, which is the Futbol stadium for FC Barcelona.

Some fun facts about Camp Nou:

It is one of the most famous stadiums in the world…My cousin got his nickname from it…It is a ten minute walk from my apartment.

Oh and it’s also so beautiful that any picture you take there seems as though you were placed in front of a green screen. It is just that perfect. See for yourself…

FC Barcelona played AJAX and beat them 4-0. It was a Champions League game and we were sitting in the middle center, perfectly aligned with the middle of the field. Our tickets were 89 euros which was fairly cheap considering that we bought our tickets 3 hours before,  it was a Champions League game,  and that we had perfect seats. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, cheering just like old times! It was awesome to be cheering with several thousands of people. I felt like a Spaniard!

Also, when the clock struck 17:14, the crowd started chanting “In-Inde-Independencia!” This is the same song that was chanted last week on September 11th…the day that Catalans joined hands, creating a chain spanning over 400km. 17:14 signifies the year that Catalunya was seized and captured by Spain. I talk about this more in last week’s post.

While I enjoyed cheering for Barcelona and am of course happy that they won the game, I must give the AJAX fans props. The whole time they were up on their feet hooting and hollering. It was very funny to watch!


I played soccer for 9 years but stopped to pick up golf and  get more intense with Track & Field. I really do miss playing…There is just something so addicting about the fancy footwork, beating a defender, or pulling an hattrick on the goalie that makes one love the sport. You can ask Messi how to do the Hattrick move.

I got a video of Messi’s hattrick goal. People asked me how I knew to take the video right then. You can call it: athlete intution. You can watch the video on my instagram: http://instagram.com/christiannek

A great thing about in Barcelona and having soccer experience is that I have the skills to play with the locals. My CIEE program has set up a futbol scrimmage between some of the CIEE students and local Spanish futbol players. So, I’m off to that right now…should be a great time! Let’s see if I’ve still got those skills from 8 years ago!


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