Random Day Trip to Tarragona!

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This past Saturday, I went with my friend Claire to Tarragona. Tarragona is a town in Spain about an hour away by train. It is right by the beach and is said to have one of the most beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea. What do you think?

We visited the Roman ruins and Tarragona happened to be having its festival that same weekend. The festival actually goes on from September 14th to the 24th. We saw some Human Castles which was very cool! Human Castles building is a very common Spanish tradition. At some point in the semester, I am going to join one. For those of you who don’t know, human castles are essentially comprised of people climbing up one another to make a large tower. (See picture below). Little children are responsible for climbing all the way up the tower so that they can top it off..they are the last ones on the tower. They are given crash helmets in case they fall.

In addition to touring 3 roman ruin sites, Claire and I wanted to go to a street market in Bona Vista, Tarragona. This street market happens every Saturday there and there is nearly 800 different vendors. After spending an hour or so of trying to find the right bus, we were on our way. But when we got there, all we saw was left over plastic bags and other debris flying through the wind.


Even though we were a little bummed about the market being over, we scoured Bona Vista, looking for a place to grab lunch. We found a little paneria and the people there spoke some English so they helped us get back to Tarragona, where we then made our way back to Barcelona.

Stay tuned for more day trips!


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