America, Spain has REAL food.

Yesterday after my Spanish exam, I walked about 3/4ths of a mile down the famous streets of La Ramblas to get to the La Boqueria market. La Boqueria is famous not only for its wide selection of produce and meats but also for just how fresh the products there are.



As soon as you walk in, you see bright colors from the fruit/vegetable stand on your left and the nuts/candy stop on your right. After that awaits anything your heart desires. One thing I especially love about this market though is that all the vegetables are not only non-GMO and grown with no pesticides, but they are freshly picked from the day before or morning of, which means they are still nutrient rich. In America, the majority of the produce we eat has been picked 3 to 4 days before it actually arrives to our grocery stores to be put on the shelves and sold. This matters because we are paying high prices for produce that does not give us nearly the amount of nutrition we need or an equal benefit to the prices we pay. Raw vegetables and fruit are better for us all around but many of decide to cook them because we think it tastes better. Cooking is acceptable but any heat above 110 degrees Fahrenheit is enough to kill the important nutrients that we need.

I’ve done a lot of independent research on nutrition and even went to a hydroponic, sustainable farm over the summer to learn more about how plants grow and what they can do for us. I strongly support natural food growth and production and a natural lifestyle…so you can imagine how obsessed I am with La Boqueria!

As mentioned before, the selection at La Boqueria is quite extensive, which is a blessing and a curse for a foodie like me!  Check out the photos below!


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