Cats of Cadaques

This weekend I, along with 12 others, went to Cadaques. Cadaques is a small fishing town in Costa Brava, in the provence of Girona, Spain. We left Friday afternoon after classes and arrived around 4pm and got back to Barcelona around 7:45 tonight, Sunday. I am about to pass out and wake up early so I can catch the season finale of Breaking Bad, but I figured I would make a quick post about a very relevant topic: Cats. Yes, I said Cats. *I find it funny that I’m talking about cats since not only I am allergic and prefer dogs much more, but my nickname is Cat*

Walking down the street, you will see numerous signs featuring “Cat” in the word… MerCAT (market) or CATalan as some examples. Also, there are tons of stray cats running around. It seems like Spain, or CATalonia for that matter is run by cats…and by cats I mean the animals and not the people of Catalonia :).

This morning I was exploring with a few others and we must have encountered at least 12 different cats, along with a cat house and a cat-themed restaurant. All you cat lovers would appreciate CATaques. Ok…enough with the lame puns. Cats aren’t an oddity, but I couldn’t believe how many I saw in my two-days in Costa Brava… felt like it was somewhat blog worthy.


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