Where am I? I know I’m not home. I know I’m in Spain. I know I’m at the apartment, sitting and writing this. But where am I?I feel consciously aware of where I am but it neither feels like it’s really happening nor too far away.

I want to stay, but I also want to go. I’m in Europe, the possibilities are endless. I can’t remember the places I’ve been thus far, but I also can never forget them. It’s a strange phenomenon. I’m happy I keep this blog.

Are there things I am missing? Glances on the street, a compliment, a nice gesture, or attempt for communication from a stranger? Are there things I should be saying, doing, seeing, feeling, waiting for?

It’s already October. It’s moving so fast. Every day is different, gotta take it slowly, but manage to keep up. Don’t want it to slip by. Want to make the most of each day.

Learn something new and have it all feel real and normal.


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