BUSYlona, Spain.

My last blog post was on October 16th! I can’t believe it…It makes sense though because there is always something to do here in Barcelona.

Since  I have a lot to cover, I’ll start off with an somewhat extensive overview (oxymoron?) followed by my biggest, most reoccurring lesson thus far…which is actually in my post about Sitges. Look forward to that one in the next few days!

Things I have been up to (no particular order):

  • Volunteering every Monday as an assistant English teacher at a spanish high school.**
  • Exploring El Born and Gothic area every day after class (Impossible not to find something new)
  • I moved to a different apartment..which is closer to my college friend Juliana.
  • Went of the roof of Santa Maria del Mar Church
  • Celebrated Halloween and made Catalan  Halloween candy with my homestay sister and her friends.
  • Spent two different weekends with my friends Aaron and Kirti in Barcelona.
  • Had midterms (have been MIA…yes we actually do study while abroad…)**
  • Went to the Dali Museum in Figueres and grabbed lunch in Girona
  • Went to Sitges with Juliana.**
  • Finally went to Antoni Gaudi’s Parc Guell and La Sagrada Familia
  • Spanish has gotten better!
  • Found my favorite Paneria!
  • Tried a Doner Kebab, which was amazing. They are pretty standard in Europe.
  • Gained an even bigger appreciation and curiosity for the arts. My art classes here are definitely helping with that.
  • Watched Barcelona vs. Madrid in the El Classico Futbol Match! Bars were packed. Aaron and I went to Bar Snooker
  • Had an intercambio…met local spanish students and practiced my Spanish with them
  • Grabbed some lunch at the top of El Corte Ingles. Amazing view of the city.
  • Ate at an authentic Catalan restaurant…3 course menu and vino for 10 euros.
  • Tried yoga for the first time on top of a rooftop. My friend Monique found out about it via Meetup.com
  • Witnessed the Teacher’s protest that shut our classes down. It was nothing real serious.

**Expect more detailed posts on these specific experiences**

So as you can see, I have been up to a lot!! It’s funny looking back on my list because some days I think I am not doing enough but now I see how much I have done and how much left I have to look forward to. 2 more months left…I think I could cry. I’m loving everything about Barcelona and I think I could stay here for several years, there is so much to see.

My dad has traveled his whole life and has passed on that passion to me. I grew up knowing that if you love a place and you have to leave it, you can always go back. There is no doubt in my mind that I will come back to Barcelona when I am done with this semester. Then again, I have 2 more months left so I should spend more time taking advantage of those days as opposed to worrying about what I have left!

Here is a slideshow of the highlights from the past three weeks. Enjoy and check out more pictures in my post about Sitges with Juliana!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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