Winter weather and P-I-Z-Z-A

The weather here is starting to get colder! I’m happy I’ve acclimated to cold weather habits, living in Boston and all. The transition to European Winter hasn’t been all that bad. I’ve noticed something funny about European fashion in cold weather. When it is 65 degrees, people are out in light jackets, but as soon as it drops to 55 (and sunny) people have broken out their bomber jackets, gloves, hats, and scarves. 55 degrees and sunny during Winter in Boston is like a field day. You will see people out in shorts and maybe even bro tanks.

One thing I miss about winter time at college, especially when it is too cold to go outside, is ordering take out and watching movies indoors with friend. A few weeks ago, the weather was pretty bad and I was feeling a little homesick…craving that  California sun. I took advantage of it though. There’s this artisan pizza place called Pizza Market right by apartment (up near El Putxet,  Sant-Gervasi, Tibidabo, La Bonanova) and I had been meaning to try it out. It took me 2 minutes to walk there and as soon as I arrived the guys inside greeted me with smiles. I explained to them that it was my first time at their restaurant and wanted the best pizza they had.

Kind of like this… Gimme Pizza-Olsen Twins

They certainly did not disappoint. The crust was warm, thin, and crispy and the ingredients were very fresh. I’d actually relate it to being like Z-Pizza, my fave pizza place in California. While waiting for my pizza to cook, I explained why I’m in Barcelona and how I’m enjoying my time here and yada yada yada. The guys there showed a genuine interest in what I had to say,  so besides being a place for delicious pizza, the staff there is very friendly. I took my pizza back home and enjoyed every bite while watching “In Her Shoes” for the first time…a movie I recommend for sisters or any Cameron Diaz fan.

So whether you’re in the area or not, check out their Facebook page, website or go see them in person.



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