Love Comes Slow…Goes so Fast


Spent a few hours in a cafe today preparing for the final projects due next week. I had read about this cafe, Cosmo, in a blog post and had actually walked by it a few days ago. Decided to come back and try their Chai Latte…I’m glad I did! Their pesto-veggie sandwich was great too.

I really wish I had found this place before…


So after working for 4 hours or so, and accomplishing a lot, I decided to  wander around El Raval before heading to my favorite spot, the MACBA. I came across this funny looking store that sold a lot of color miscellaneous things. From table mats, to ornaments, to paper masks of Frida Kahlo. There was a paper fish fortune teller like this one:

fish11 Naturally, I tested it out and the head and tail started to move, which, unbeknowst to me, meant I was in love. I mean it’s a paper fish haha, I’ll take it for what it’s worth. Then again…I have been watching a lot of chic flicks, so maybe it has to do with my new obsession over Jake Gyllenhaal. Que bonito. Let me just say…as bad as this sounds…Jake Gyllenhaal in “Love and Other Drugs” is enough to make a girl want Parkinson’s…yeaahhh..I probably shouldn’t have said it, but I know you’re all thinking the same thing. So I couldn’t help but contemplate this paper fish thing…maybe it was true, maybe I was in love. I realized that it all made sense though…I had fallen in love with…


I love the city. I love the people. I love the view. I love the night life. I love the culture.I love watching the people. I love the humor. I love getting lost in the streets.I love the fact that the experiences I’ve had and the things I have seen in Barcelona, have taught me more about myself that I could have imagined. What I love most though, is that Barcelona is now a part of me.

After having this silly revelation in that eccentric store, I headed to the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA). I had come here for the first time on Wednesday as part of a class field trip. The museum was cool and all, but the best part was the atmosphere around the museum. In front of the entrance, there were tons of skateboarders, shredding on the concrete benches and barriers. For a second, I felt like I was back in California. I liked it so much, so I went back today and really observed.

I’ve always had bad luck with bikes and skateboards, some traumatic experiences even, but watching these guys skate made me want to pick up a board and just go for it. You can tell they love it. I watched the same guy fall like 10 times and another kid nail a kickflip six times in a row. It’s awesome. No matter how many times they fall, getting that one trick down is worth the hours spent.

The cafe I found today was my favorite cafe I’ve been to, and the area around MACBA is my favorite hangout spot. Wishing that I knew these places before reminds that I only have 2 more weeks left. 2 MORE WEEKS! I can hardly believe it. I am already very sad that it’s almost over…trying to avoid thinking about it until the actual minute comes when I am on the airplane to London. 

I tried to make a video but my computer kept failing. Here are some pictures!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

“First time he got on it he slipped, landed on his hip and bust his lip. For a week he had to talk with a lisp, like this-sss Now we can end the story right here, but shorty didn’t quit it was something in the air, yea. He said it was somethin’ so appealing.  He couldn’t fight the feelin’, somethin’ about it. He knew he couldn’t doubt it, couldn’t understand it, brand it, since his first kickflip he land it. Uh, Labeled a misfit, abandoned…And the way he roll just a rebel to the world with no place to go. So we Kick, Push Kick, Push Kick, Push Kick, Push Coast. So come and skate with me, just a rebel looking for a place to be. So let’s Kick, and Push, and Coast.”- Lupe Fiasco


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