Well Barcelona, That’s a Wrap!

So my semester abroad has come to an end. It ended 10 days ago but I decided to postpone this post until Christmas, the Breaking Bad marathon, and my jet lag was over. Most importantly though, I needed to come to the realization that I was no longer in Barcelona and that my 12 hour flight to California wouldn’t be a weekend trip like my flights to The Netherlands, Portugal, France were.

Well, today marks my sixth day of being back home in California. It’s amazing how quickly everything has come back to me. The familiarity of being home almost makes my semester abroad feel like a dream.

I think the most important thing for me, when reflecting upon my experiences and changes abroad, is that I continue looking for ways to grow and don’t let the comfort of being home hold me back from exploring or challenging myself.


This semester was the best four months of my life and I am incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to carry out my passions for business, travel and culture.

Besides sharing moments with new and old friends-moments I will never forget- I traveled all throughout Europe, where I gained a better understanding of culture and its differences, cross-cultural clarity and communication, appreciation for the arts, and confidence in public transportation, among other things.

If anything, I believe  I have matured, have increased my ability to balance enjoyment with work more efficiently through good time management,  learned how to trust myself in my travel abilities, and have gained courage to speak Spanish and other languages with people. Being abroad, especially those times spent traveling alone allowed for me to really observe, influencing my ideologies and ability to firmly control my mindsets.

I don’t think words can fully articulate the impact this experience has had on my life. I plan to articulate it in other ways, one being helping peers with their decisions to go abroad.
First day in Barcelona (left) and last night in Barcelona (right).
I don’t know the next time I’ll be in Europe, but I am looking forward to it, and looking forward to heading back to my second home, Barcelona.
Barcelona was surely a gift, so to the end of the semester I must say: “That’s a wrap!”

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