Finding resolve

It’s Wednesday, January 8th 2014…eight days after New Year’s Day and eight days too late for a resolution by anyone’s standard. For me though, I neither believe in specific starting dates nor deadlines for successful personal improvement, which is why I never make New Year’s resolutions; they generally just happen throughout the year, as new ideas and desires come to mind.

Recently, I have been dealing with a lot. Throughout my life, I have managed to take any negativity in my life and use it to my advantage, letting it be the fuel behind my motivation and resilience to overcome hardship, and achieve my goals.

I consider myself an optimist, focusing on the positive and learning things from the negative. I hope this post reveals that. I also try my best to help others feel the same way. I accept any positivity with wide arms as well, so feel free to send some my way ;).

I return to school (my reality) next Saturday. I have a lot of things to look forward to in the next year, like: reuniting with my college friends and professors, future interviews, the track and field season, taking college courses that interest me, mentoring fellow students, and traveling to New York and Connecticut for several events.

It’s taken me a few weeks to get organized and motivated to complete little yet important tasks.

I watched this TED Talk video today that gave me some motivation and encouragement, perhaps you will enjoy it too. See it here. 

Also, below is a contact form. Feel free to leave any comments or questions! I’m using this as a way for better interaction with my followers, since commenting isn’t always easy for non-Wordpress users.



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