One month in.

Well, it has officially been a month that I have been back at school in Boston.

A lot has happened in the past four weeks.

-Went to NYC for a L’Oreal recruitment marketing event which was really amazing. Got to brainstorm with students from different colleges all over the country. My group ended up choosing my idea to present to representatives from the Marketing and HR Divisions. I learned a lot about the product development cycle and how large corporations are not always mundane. L’Oreal seems to have a great working environment where employees have oversight over their own works and task planning.

– I visited my friend Karina who attends Harvard. Karina and I went to high school together and were on the same golf team, both Team Captains and MVPs. She also studied in Barcelona! I saw her over winter break and we caught up over some Sprinkles Ice Cream. She’s graduating this spring and we promised that we would meet up a few times before she graduated. It was nice getting off of my school campus. We had dinner at the Beat Hotel, a jazz music restaurant in Cambridge. Cambridge is one of my favorite towns, so I’ll happily take any opportunity to go there.

-My sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma, had recruitment. It was a lot of work but it was nice meeting girls I hadn’t met before, especially since I was abroad last semester, I did not meet any of the first-years, so recruitment was a great opportunity for that.

The new member class for Kappa.

The new member class for Kappa.

-I started my on-campus job as an Academic Mentor, where I help students choose their classes and plan for graduation.

-Track and Field season has started and I am feeling the best this season out of all seasons. Two new coaches and my injury hasn’t shown itself too much (knock on wood). The coaches are whipping us into shape. Some days I feel like I can’t do some of the exercises, but I realize the payoff and try to fight through it. Also, I have some great teammates that stick with me the whole way through.

The words “I can’t” are not allowed to leave my mouth.

It’s nice to have a family/group that genuinely cares about your progress. Groups and people like that can be hard to find at my school since most people here are entrepreneurial thinkers, often self-ambitious.

san francisco

I applied to a study away program in San Francisco for Fall 2014. It is a new program that my school is pioneering with the grad school in SF. 62 people applied and 50 people got accepted-25 for fall, 25 for spring, and I was one of them!

I didn’t tell my parents I was applying, but let them know as soon as I received the acceptance letter. I was initially reluctant because it meant that I would be away the first semester of my senior year. The transition back into my school has been somewhat difficult, so I don’t want it to be like that my last semester in college.

A fellow colleague and friend asked me about studying in Barcelona. She is abroad right now and has been since late last summer. She ends in June. All in all, if she chooses to go abroad again, she will have been away from school for 1.5 schools years.

Talking with her and exchanging advice gave me some insight into my decision.

Friends come and go and so do life experiences. Returning gives you great insight as to who is meant to stay in your life [as a friend].My way of thinking is this. When else would I have this opportunity to go to SF and learn with my college as a safety net, while being in a new city with friends and a support system- the program.

I have committed to San Francisco and will be there in September. I am extremely excited to be in my home state. I do not know Northern California as well as I know SoCal, so even though I am in the same state, it will still be quite the experience.

It’s hard to keep up with blogging now that school is back in the swing of things and can only get busier in the next few weeks. It’s always great to take a breather though by blogging.

Until next time!

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