Sweet Fifteen

On Saturday, May 10th, I completed my junior year…also my 15th year of education. I learned a tremendous amount academically, personally, inter-personally, physically, and spiritually this semester. I say semester because my whole 15th academic year includes Barcelona…a chapter I covered heavily in my other posts…and this post will cover my time back at school in the US.

Just four months ago I wrote a post (“Finding Resolve”) about what I would expect to happen in the semester and I’m here to recap and go over what really happened.

1. Sorority: In the beginning of the semester, my sorority was busy with recruiting new girls to join our chapter, and it went well!  The newly initiated sisters and their pledge class are one of the best in our chapter. Many of them enthusiastically participate and are not too cliquey which is fantastic because I am trying to get to know everyone. I got a little sister named Jacqueline. She has made my experience in my sorority so fulfilling and I have begun to feel more connected to my other sisters through my relationship with her. I will miss her while I am in San Francisco next semester.

2. Athletics: I was on the track team. After weeks of training, I got a concussion before the actual competitions. Doctors requested that I avoid all sports-related affairs, including attending the track meets and practices so that I could focus on resting. I took the rest of the semester off from Track & Field and focused on academics. Everything ended up being a blessing in disguise.

3. Academics: I participated a ton in my classes, took interest in coursework and build great relationships with my professors. I worked very hard and in the end achieved my highest GPA, with Dean’s List Honors.

4. Friends: With more time on my hands after taking track off my schedule, I got to spend time with the friends who I didn’t see while I was abroad but also with the ones who were graduating. My two senior friends, Macy and Joey, just graduated two days ago. We drove down to Rhode Island for the weekend and I unfortunately had to say bye to them today. Both of them should be in San Fran in September (the same time I will be), so it luckily won’t be too long until I see them.

“Friends are like stars…You don’t always see them, but you know they’re there.”

5. Family: Spent more time with my two sets of uncles, aunts, and cousins. They really helped me get through my concussion and gave me a place to stay with the support and care I needed.

6. Met new people. I met a ton of new people, some of who really made my last month this semester amazing.

7. Explored more of my surroundings. A big lesson from going abroad was to explore more, simply or more complicated. I made it to Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York and New Hampshire before the semester was over…a goal I had set for myself before the semester.

All in all, this semester has taught me a lot about life itself. It taught me who my friends were, how to handle conflict, how to give and receive, and it reinforced the importance of traveling (long and far) and getting out of my comfort zone. There were times when I really doubted myself, but with a lot of hope and resilience, I was able to come back and make things happen. Things have fallen into place.

Next semester is the start of my SENIOR YEAR OF COLLEGE. Just writing that sends some shivers down my spine. It’s unreal. Time to make it count and make it better than the year before…a challenge that I am up for.~CK

*Now that it’s the summer, I will have more time and more things to write about, so posts should be more frequent…so stay posted ;)*


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