World Cup 2014 Predictions

Today is the first day of World Cup 2014! I am working as an intern this summer at this great company. The company is having a World Cup bracket in the office and many people are partaking, me being one of them. As many of you know, I spent a semester abroad in Barcelona, Spain. While I was there, I attended an FC Barcelona (Spain) vs Ajax (Netherlands) game. At this game I was fortunate enough to see some of the world’s best players compete. I saw Messi, Neymar, Pique, Xavi, Fabrigas among others. I even saw Messi’s hat trick and caught it on video! While living in Spain, I grew developed an affinity for watching soccer. I had always enjoyed playing soccer (played for 9 years) but watching it wasn’t my favorite. Now that I know many players though, I am excited to watch. To make things more interesting, the players that I watched play for FC Barcelona are now back playing for their home countries…something I just learned since this is the first World Cup that I’ve really cared to understand. What this means is that some of the best players on the FCB team are separating…though Spain will be a powerhouse nonetheless. Neymar is, as many people know, playing for Brazil. (SPOILER ALERT: Neymar scored 2 goals/3 in the Brazil vs. Croatia game). Messi is playing for Argentina, making Argentina a favorite team for this World Cup. Pique and Xavi are staying with Spain of course.

Since this is my first World Cup that I’m really going to be watching, I figured why not have fun with it. In my bracket, I decided to put Spain and the Netherlands in the final. I thought it would be fun to put those two countries head to head in the end since their wins had gone back and forth in the season. The Netherlands has a stronger, faster team than present years and with a good coach, things seem optimistic, therefore I am betting on the Netherlands to take the cup. Many people are betting on Germany vs. Spain, Germany vs. Argentina, Germany vs. Brasil, or Brasil- Spain final. All the talk of who the main contenders will be really had me second guessing my pick but I stuck with it in the end. The brackets throughout the office are leaning all sorts of ways with people placing underdogs, classic favorites, and unlikely teams in the Finals. Besides uniting everyone under one game, that’s the fun in all this…not knowing who is going to win but hoping that your pick will advance.

I will be following the World Cup day by day as we all join together in the kitchen at the office to watch it. I hope you take interest in it too. If soccer is your thing, I’d love to hear your predictions!

Viva España!



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