Hey there, Grasshopper. What’s life all about?

In the span of a year, something that seems like it should have been dispersed over five years, I’ve lived in Barcelona, Laguna Beach, Boston, Long Beach, and soon to be San Francisco. The intense mobility and transitioning of my life this year has thrown me for some loops, causing me to wonder if I am in the right place and whether I am doing things with respect to my interests, relationships, passions, career and future plans. I’ve discussed life with friends and family and have heard countless perspectives on the way one should go about it.

Today, a friend asked me…”Did you finally find the clear path to life, little grasshopper?”

I responded saying: “I found that life is about not always knowing the path. It’s about taking things as they come with respect to the direction you want to go”

I think I may have found one that gives me solace…at least for now…


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