Backpack Connects You With Travelers So You Can Purchase Items In Other Countries

I want my future kitchen to be filled with tiles from all of the different cities/countries I’ve been to outside of the United States. This way, I can remember and appreciate my travels every time I cook something up and especially so I can get some inspiration for when I am cooking ethnic dishes. Recently, my friend Jonny was traveling around Europe so I had him pick up a tile from Madrid and Lisbon for me. The one from Madrid broke, but he still managed to protect the Algarve tile from Lisbon. Maybe this will be another good way for me to continue my collection…


Imagine if a certain type of medication you needed wasn’t available in your country and was expensive to ship or acquire. Many people rely on friends or relatives traveling to these countries to bring back items that cannot be purchased in their country, whether it’s jamon or an iPhone. Backpack connects users with travelers who can bring desired products back at discounted prices.

Backpack, a Y Combinator-backed startup, is a peer-to-peer marketplace that connects shoppers and travelers to empower consumers to buy overseas products at a discount. Shoppers get access to foreign products by paying travelers coming to their country a fee to purchase and deliver the items.

Backpack aggregates items that you can search on the website through Amazon and Ebay, or you can manually enter a link of any product you need with the price. Travelers earn money based on the product’s size and dimensions and Fahim…

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