Study Away at Babson San Francisco Campus

So I’ve been on a bit of a blog hiatus, but I promise it’s justified.

I worked as an intern in Long Beach this summer at an advertising agency called Designory. I did Search and Strategy Marketing for them, which kept me very busy. I enjoyed learning new things, meeting people, and getting to work in a mid-sized company. I got a little taste of what corporate life is like.

Now I am in San Francisco for a fall semester of my senior year. Babson has a graduate school out here in San Francisco but this semester it has opened its doors to 20 undergraduate students, myself included. This program is also offered in the spring semester.

We are the “Pioneers! O’ Pioneers!” of the undergraduate program here in SF. Depending on how well it goes, and it has been going great so far, Babson may continue it. I know it is especially helpful for students who either want to learn more about the tech environment here, the start-up lifestyle, or just California in general.

 The program offers a full course load with 2 liberal arts classes and 2 business classes.

1.The Modern American City

2. The West as the frontier in American Imagination

3. Silicon Valley Ventures

4. Consulting in Tech Entrepreneurship.

The two liberal arts classes will give me a better understanding of the culture and history of San Francisco, while the entrepreneurship/business classes provide an engaging experience with the companies in SF as well as the experience of start ups.

Silicon Valley Ventures class we are starting our own business and pitching the idea to an investor at the end of the semester. Ideas and teams were created after members of the class pitched their ideas. My idea was selected and now I have an awesome team that I’m beyond excited to work with.

Consulting in Tech Entrepreneurship is equally exciting. Four other students and I are consulting a local San Francisco business. I am especially interested in this class because I think I would like to go into consulting and this class will give me a better feel for that.

Another cool thing about this program is that we get to go on company treks! I visited 500 startups yesterday and have many more treks to come.

I arrived in San Francisco on August 25th with my parents after a long drive through the California Grapevine. In my 3.5 weeks here though I have already done a lot. From  celebrating my 21st birthday to attending NewCo, a city wide event in SF where businesses open their doors for attendees to learn more about their companies, to a Giant’s game, to a Tech Crunch Disrupt after party, and a visit to the beach with friends, I am  really getting to know and love this city.

It’s just the beginning but there is plenty more to come.

To learn more about the program, feel free to email me or comment below. Also, check out my San Francisco Experience photo gallery here on my blog for up-to-date photos.


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