San Francisco’s Mission District: Comedy & Graffiti of Clarion Alley

Anyone who knows anything about San Francisco knows that there is always something going on the city, whether its a Salesforce or Oracle event, the Folsom Leather Street Fair, a Stanford/USC pep rally, or a pride parade. There are of course little events going on daily that make San Francisco the charming place it is.

Last week, I visited looking for some thing fun to do on a Monday night. You can ask all my friends and I’ll agree that “Monday is the new Friday”.

So I gathered my friends and we hit a comedy club/bar in the hip, Mission District. The comedy show we attended was led by local comedians who told pessimistic, anti-jokes. One of my friends was having a bad day, so we thought these jokes might actually lighten his mood instead or worsen them. It ended out that we were right, because he was glad he came.

After the comedy show ended, we hit the streets of Mission and went exploring. We stopped at a Mexican restaurant for some “dirty tacos” which include guacamole, sour creme, and salsa and then we came across Clarion Alley.

Clarion Alley is a hole in the wall…literally. It is tucked away between 17th and 18th streets. The only thing keeping a passerby from blindly walking past it is the vibrant color that is spread through out its perimeters.

After I visited this spot, I took some time to understand its historical importance. Railroad workers gathered here and it was home to many artists and writers during the ’60s. The graffiti spread from one end to the other with images of social demonstrations, weapons, peace signs, historical and racial figures, religions,etc.

My friends and I took some photos, you can check them out below!


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