Weekend trip to Orange County & My Sister’s Wedding.

Last weekend I took a short trip home for some weekend relaxation and revitalization.

In my 4 days here, I went running, finished a paper, saw and cooked dinner with some friends, hit the beach, played some golf and celebrated my sister’s wedding.

It was great being home…the city’s buildings and confined corners can be a little overwhelming, so a trip to the beach was just what I needed to let go.

I am writing this while I am in the city. In retrospect, it is comforting knowing I am not all that close to home, but not all that far either. This is ideal for me if I want to live and work in San Francisco but also return home here and there.

IMG_9894 - Copy IMG_9899 - Copy IMG_9905 - Copy IMG_9953 - Copy

I am so excited for my sister’s new life with Enzio. They’ve been together for a while, so I know they are pretty much perfect for eachother. Plus, they’re also super fun to hang with!

IMG_9968 IMG_9969 IMG_9970 IMG_9972 IMG_9975 IMG_9978 IMG_9979


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