New Beginnings in Beantown

So, it seems like sticking with this whole blogging thing gets tougher as more things come my way. I’ve realized though that it is somewhat necessary to my sanity, as it gives me an excuse to make time for introspection among all the chaos. With that said, I am going to do my very best to keep momentum with my blog, starting now.

In my last post, I left off talking about my semester in San Francisco as well as the graffiti found in Clarion Alley of the Mission District. I also paid certain attention to the hustle mentality of people in the Valley.

What I failed to keep you all updated with was how I pitched my startup idea to Kleiner Perkins & Caufield Buyers (a venture capitalist firm with investments in Twitter, Google and Snapchat) and walked away from my fall semester in San Francisco with a firm belief in where I wanted to take my career: The Tech Industry. I went through my last semester of college in Boston and a Boston winter I thought would be my last. I made a solid friend group, took an amazing Spring Break road trip through The South, worked 3 jobs, took a coding class and really just made the most out of my last semester of college.

In terms of personal growth, I opened myself up to new friends. I got hurt along the way but ultimately learned that being vulnerable is necessary if I want to take things beyond surface level friendships. I learned a lot about self respect from how my friends treated themselves and I learned how to stick up for myself.

In May, I graduated. Spent the last few weeks in Boston…the most I had probably ever spent in my four years. As soon as I got on the flight back home to California, where I thought I was going to start my post graduate career, I felt like I was leaving too early.

Cue the foreshadowing…

I spent the rest of my summer in SoCal working remotely for DropMessages, a startup based out of San Francisco. I flew up to SF to see some friends I had met the semester before and united with the DropMessages team…finally putting faces to names. During my time there, I celebrated the Supreme Court’s ruling of Same-Sex Marriage at Delores Park and at the infamous Pride Parade. In my time in San Francisco, I also received a job offer to work at a software company in…drumroll…


Bet you never saw this coming…unless the title gave it away…but neither did I!

Fast forward to August. Reunited with my family in Boston, settled into a new place in Brighton and starting my new job. Hanging with college friends, enjoying my independence. Missing my parents and friends back home, missing the nice weather and Mexican food. Adjusting to adult life, breaking negative ties, moving on. Meeting new people, doing new things.

Realizing that now is a new beginning. I have the freedom to do what I want! 

Getting used to the post-grad “adult” world has been both challenging and rewarding thus far. I’d say that overall, I have a positive outlook on it and I am enjoying this new part of my life.

Here’s a gallery of some of the fun things I have done in the last two months. Stay tuned for more updates.


One thought on “New Beginnings in Beantown

  1. Christianne you have a talent for writing, just like your Papa…it brings joy to me eyes and gives me great insights to you, your thinking, your emotions and your great potential…keep us all informed as much and as often as you feel up to it.
    Love Dad

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