Stung Sting Strong


A golden flake, I was mesmerized by your beauty. The way you shined with every flicker of light. I should have seen it coming. The sunlight radiated off of you so strongly into my eyes, leaving them stung and blind

A rose, tempted me to smell and sense each layer.  Your thorns, as much as I tried to get past them, guarded your insecurities while perpetuating mine. Reminding you of the wonder you evoked on me wasn’t enough. What could I do?

 In the end I was left with the prick of a finger and the bitterness of ever having made my soul vulnerable to you. Thorns nestled in my skin. A constant sting that only numbness could heal. 

Here I am now. Previously torn, but not broken. Stronger than ever. A woman of super strength. Super vision to see past your golden facade, which has now turned to brass, and an armor to cut past your thorns and unveil those insecurities. 

Stung. Sting. You’ve showed me what not to be. 

Strong is what I’ve become. 


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