Tony Bennett Was Right

Get packed, say goodbye, mentally prepare yourself, get focused.

It’s hard to believe that I’ve only been in Boston for nearly five months. Even harder to believe that I’m already packing up and leaving.

If you have either followed or explored my blog, you know that (so far) it’s about my adventures in several cities: Barcelona, San Francisco, and Boston. If you’ve really paid attention, you’ve noticed the trend that each of these cities includes a coming and going post. You’ll also notice that these posts happen to be roughly 4 months apart from each other. In other words, I can’t sit still.

Whether it’s the desire to explore or the need for constant change, I’m always moving about and people never know where I happen to be. It’s nice that I can be unpredictable but I’d also like a sense of stability.

So…California, here we come.

I knew there was something about San Francisco, even if it took a few tries for me to realize where I needed to be. It came down to priorities.

Family, Friends, Ocean, Lifestyle, care-free, Career opportunities.

It certainly helps that I have some of my greatest supporters out there. (Shout out to Joey Roth and Macy Horton).

There are plenty more reasons why I picked SF and if you are genuinely interested, you can reach out to me. In the meantime, I’ve got to go get packed. I leave next Sunday (December 6th) so if you are in Boston and are reading this, I hope we can meet before I bid adieu.

To Boston, thank you for all the good times. For reminding me how to be resilient and how to stick up for myself and for helping me recognize what was most important. Until next time…

“I Left My Heart in San Francisco”-Tony Bennett


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